Want to break free from Facebook Business Manager?

Warning light stop sign

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of clicking on an email Facebook sent me asking me to sign up to Facebook Business Manager.

I didn’t entirely know what it was but there was some vague threat made that if I didn’t change my account within the next few days I’d lose any previous data about advertising campaigns.

So I clicked it and did what Facebook told me to do – added all my pages and linked it to my personal (actually my work profile) Facebook account.

Big mistake. It turned out that Facebook Business Manager just added several additional, infuriating steps to my day to day Facebook experience.

Using my work profile, I have liked lots of pages that are likely to contain content relevant to any of the Facebook pages I manage for my organisation. Several times a day I’ll scroll through my newsfeed, liking and sharing posts on the relevant pages, as the relevant pages. This was dead easy – I’d just click ‘share’, select from a drop down menu which page I wanted to share it on, and as, and hey presto, done.

Similarly, I could easily switch between Facebook pages by choosing from a drop down menu at the top right of the page. Easy.

Once I’d signed up to Facebook Business Manager though, the pages I added disappeared from the drop down menu. To use Facebook as a page, I had to go to the page, click ‘Mange using Facebook business manager’, be taken to the Facebook Business Manager page, click back onto my page and then click confirm to say that I wanted to use Facebook as my page. Epic.

Then, if I wanted to browse my personal (work) newsfeed and like or share posts onto a page I managed, I could only select whichever page I had most recently used Facebook as. So to share relevant content to another page I’d need to go to that page, go through the process outlined above, then search for the content I’d wanted to share by going to that page’s newsfeed and searching through for it, or go directly to the page with the content I wanted. Not an easy and quick process and most of the time by the time I’d gone through all the steps I’d forgotten what it was I wanted to share!

Worst of all there didn’t seem to be an obvious way to ‘uninstall’ Facebook Business Manager, and I was a bit scared I’d ruined Facebook forever!

Imagine my relief to come across this post about how to get rid of Facebook Manager, which also reinforced the way I felt about the experience of trying to navigate the thing.

It seems the main problem Facebook Business Manager is trying to solve is not having to share log in details for pages with lots of people when there are is a team managing them. However a much better way to achieve this is how we already do it – have professional ‘personal’ Facebook accounts, which are given admin rights to Facebook pages. No shared log in required.

So, if you find yourself sucked into Facebook Business Manager and want out, here’s how you do it:

1. Create a dummy page (choose the ‘create a page’ option from within Facebook Business Manager for speed) and make this your ‘primary page’ ( to do this, go to info, settings, and hover over the pencil to change your choice).

2. Go back to the list of pages on Business Manager and go through them all, removing them from Business Manager, leaving only your dummy page (you can’t remove your dummy page from Facebook Manager, hence why you needed to make a dummy page).

3. Go onto Facebook and delete your dummy page. You are now FREE of Facebook Business Manager!  And your precious drop-down menu of pages you manage will reappear!

4. Have a celebratory cuppa and breathe a sigh of relief!

Anyone else tried out Facebook Business Manager? What did you think?

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